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Rock Star HP Skiers

Mason Vincent - Casper - December 2013

Mason Vincent is a freshman at the University of Wyoming.  He is currently skiing for the club team there as well as trying to make Junior Nationals through High Plains. We are very excited to have Mason skiing in the High Plains races and because of his impressive first race in Casper he is our first Skier of the Week!  

Mason is really looking forward to this season and what he can do with it.  Being both part of the University and High Plains gives him the best of both worlds.  "There is a great amount of competition among the guys... the end of season will be even better as I progressively improve my skiing abilities. Skiing in Wyoming is great because we have the opportunity to join growing programs as well as make friends across the state of Wyoming all in the process of getting better at skiing.  I see the coaching I have received was the major key to becoming a decent skier and the desire to improve at every opportunity also is another influence to my success."

Skiing isn't all results for Mason, "the pure satisfaction of gliding across the snow, seeing frost covered trees, breathing in the crisp air, and being able to connect with my best friends while doing it," is a huge part of what skiing means to him.  Combine that with the motivation coming from "the people around me, to show them how far I have come and how far I am willing to go to get better," and you have a serious competitor. 

We are all excited to see what Mason can do this season. He is definitely a skier to keep you eye on! 

"Cannot wait for the fun to be had after Christmas break with all the ski events! Looking forward to JN with all the great High Plains skiers!!!" -Mason Vincent

Louisa Austin - February 2013

Louisa Austin is a member of the Lander Valley High School ski team.  She is a Junior this year and has been skiing very well.  Louisa has been named the girls Skier of the Month for February for her outstanding results this month and for leading the scoring for qualifying for High Plains.

This year and this month especially we have witnessed a transformation in Louisa's skiing.  We are beginning to see a fire in her stride and the passion in her eyes that has sparked some amazing finishes.  Louisa's infections attitude toward skiing has spread to all the ladies in High Plains.  Commenting on her leading points Louisa feels "a sense of accomplishment and excitement for the upcoming trip."

Louisa truly embraces what we believe makes a High Plains skier.  Louisa's favorite part of cross country skiing is "the friends i meet along the way and the feeling after having a stellar race."  Her success is due to her "dedication during the off-season and my fantastic coaches who help me stay motivated."

We are truly excited to see what you can accomplish at Nationals and in the future!

Tilden Zars - February 2013

Tilden Zars is a sophomore at Laramie High School.  Tilden's race results and his leader position in the High Plains ranking has made him the boy Skier of the Month for February.

Tildens results in the Soldier Hollow Super Qualifier make for some good odds going into Nationals. He is looking forward to some stiff competition and hard racing during the week. Tildens favorite part of racing is the "feeling, stress, and relief after a good result is unbeatable."

In Tilden's own words; "Qualifying first for High Plains is a confidence booster. At the start of the season I was worried about my prospects at Nationals, but after my results and qualifiers I am more excited than ever to go to nationals. Its an honor to lead High Plains at Nationals. My success in the long term, goes entirely to my family. Not the cheesy family values, but having to keep up with my family being the youngest, skiing and doing anything with the family I was forced to keep up with them at the fear of being left at the ski area or lost in the wilderness. I never went slow with them. I am always at red line just to hang with my family."

We are extremely excited to see how you do at Nationals!

Lindsey Hall - January 2013

Lindsey Hall is a member of the Natrona County High School Nordic Team.  This year she is competing within High Plains as a older junior.  Skiing for six years now she has come into this season looking to do well at the Junior Championships.  To boost her USSA points she recently competed in the US Senior Nationals races held in Soldier Hollow.  For her continued leadership, dedication to skiing and amazing performance at Senior Nationals, High Plains has named Lindsey our January 2013 Skier of the Month.

When asked about the races at Senior Nationals Lindsey said she had an incredible time.  That skiing with other people that are way faster than you is an incredible feeling. She loved to see who was out there and how she compared to them.  She was excited to she who she would be up against this March at Junior Nationals.  One of the best things about Senior Nationals was the people she meet and the connections she made.  When asked if she would go back and do it again, it was a definitely.  

When asked about skiing in general, Lindsey said simply that skiing is the best sport because "you can push yourself to achieve what you never thought was possible," and "you can show the world what is possible."

Congratulations on all of your success and we look forward to seeing what you can do in Nationals!