Daily Schedule:

This is how the athletes day will look.  There will be a couple of changes but the majority of the time will be used for sleeping eating and getting ready for races.

Time of DayEvent/Activity
10 mins before breakfastWake up and Walk/Run 
BreakfastDetermined by Hotel 
1 hour after breakfast startsLeave on bus for venue 
Once at venueTrain, Race, Wax
LunchDetermined by Hotel
After LunchWaxing, Resting, Yoga, Lectures, Team Bonding Activites 
DinnerDetermined by Hotel
After DinnerAwards, Team Meetings
10pmBed Time, all athletes in their rooms for the night 

*Athletes will be in constant contact with at least one coach at all times.  The Head Coaches are there to make sure the athletes are getting what they need to be able to race at their best.  Athletes are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the HP Code of Conduct and the high standards of High Plains Skiing.