To-Do List

 The Qualification Standards have also been updated.  Be sure to know what is expected of an elite level racer and what you will have to accomplish over the course of the season to be selected to participate in the Junior Championships.

The dates below are important to know and are on the High Plains Schedule, please review both so you don't get left behind.
Registration Fee

$40 before December 2, 2013

$50 after December 2


Dates for registration

Deadline for High Plains Pre-registration, postmarked Tuesday, December 2

Deadline for petitions from post graduate/out of district skiers, postmarked Tuesday, December 2


Team announcement

High Plains Team will be announced in Casper after Saturdays race.


Uniform and trip payment due a week after team announcement

Deposit of $1500 for trip will need to be postmarked, February 5.

Uniform will need to be ordered from Podiumwear by February 5.

Final payment will need to be postmarked, February 19.

Please be sure you have the necessary equipment for the trip and that it is all in proper working condition!!