Willie Neal Award Past Recipients


Mason Vincent

Mason has been skiing since his freshmen year but has found the fire and passion this year.  The end of last ski season he came to Dan and I and asked what he needed to do to be better.  However, neither of us could have dreamed of the talented hard working athlete he has become!  We love Mason!  He is the first one off the bus and the last one cleaning it up at the end of a long trip.  He is there cheering for every skier and there to offer a hug at the end.  He has become a student of the sport, he asks intelligent well thought out questions and takes the answers to heart.  He sees the big picture and is the first one to take the time to sit down with underclass men and walk her through the steps of all things skiing.  He is The Best team leader the Laramie team has seen, this is his strength.   His leadership crosses over to extra curricular activities.   He heads up a recycling effort for the town of Laramie and is a great example for his peers.

Submitted by LHS Nordic Ski Coach Rebecca Watson


Elise Sulser 

Elise is a Senior with a 4.0 Combined Grade Point Average. She is a terrific family member and stands in support of her family and with her Mom who continues a courageous go around with cancer. Elise is THE best teammate I have had in all my years. She supports her team and everyone from the Juniors through the groomer. Even when personal disappointment comes for her, she rallies others and celebrates their successes. Elise has served her school, her community and her family. She is a school leader through her energy and example. She is an advocate for the personal value of everyone through Rachel's Challenge and other efforts. Elise teaches young people to ski and also how to learn, all on her own time. One of the most impressive services that Elise does with no fanfare is her service in Haiti. You can only imagine a Summer lifestyle in Haiti....while training for skiing. She is a dynamic, caring soul. Like Willie, she seeks to serve and make this place better...without any self-promotion. We all have been Blessed to have had Elise in our lives...

Submitted by NCHS Nordic Ski Coach, Bob Matson


Bridget Weiner